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Seasoned bare cast iron has been well-known among experts for centuries, particularly in Scandinavia and the Southern USA, for the way they heat so evenly and hold heat, brown foods better than anything else, and for their ability to build a healthy, natural nonstick surface through seasoning. With a little care that seasoned nonstick lasts the life of the pan, which can be centuries. With all the concerns over synthetic nonstick coatings in recent years, there has been a big swing back toward the only known natural, healthy, sustainable nonstick.

The engineers at SOLIDTEKNICS have always loved those benefits of cooking with cast iron, but wanted to update the handle performance and make a smoother surface for even better nonstick performance, and cast them in Australia from clean Australian iron.

All SOLIDITEKNICS cookware is compatible with all rangetop heat sources (being solid iron, they are perfect for induction), safe for glass tops (seasoned iron is much softer than enamelled iron), oven-proof, and tough enough to take camping and use over open fire pits or in high-temp wood-fired ovens. See our big 7L, 32cm DEEPan with BIGskillet as matching lid: the perfect modern camp oven, because it's also high-performance kitchen cookware you can use every day.

SOLIDTEKNICS pans are so tough, they come with a multi-century warranty.

For the best advice on how to maintain your AUSfonte pans, check out our AUSFONTE CARE AND SEASONING INSTRUCTIONS PAGE

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SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love 24cm (10") Cast Iron Sauteuse Pan w/Long Ergonomic Love Handle - F124s
Regular: $159.95
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love 32cm (13") Cast Iron BIGskillet w/2 Love Handles - F132b
Regular: $207.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love 32cm (13") Cast Iron DEEPan w/2 Love Handles - F132d
Regular: $233.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love 16cm (6.3") Cast Iron SKILLet - F116s
Regular: $129.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love 36cm (14.17") Cast Iron Combo RGBBF (Roast Grill BBQ Bake Fry) Reversible Roaster/Grill - F136r
Regular: $428.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love Small 18cm (7.08") Pan Grill-it Insert - F180p
Regular: $51.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUSfonte Tough Love Large 30cm (11.8") Pan Grill-it Insert - F304p
Regular: $77.93
Sale Price:
There's been a big surge in popularity of cast iron in the USA in the last 5 years or so, partly because they cook everything so well, with the even heating and best browning, their multi-generation durability, and also because of the health benefits.

Fonte™ pans have the strongest set of features available in a cast iron pan today:
>>>> Love handles! The most comfortable ergonomic/dynamic handles ever put on a cast iron pan. Long and broad where it counts for more comfort and control, and cooling gap for minimal heat transfer to hand.

>>>> French savoire-faire: French sauteuse pan body (deeper and rounder than a skillet) developed by Australian mechanical engineer Mark Henry from his long experience in the chef equipment industry, including extensive experience in France developing equipment for French chefs.

>>>> Clean and safe cooking, even at high temperatures: Naked, honest cast iron, lightly pre-seasoned at the foundry. Trusted for centuries for safe cooking and rapidly regaining popularity with serious cooks around the world, and booming again particularly in the USA. Simple cleaning and seasoning maintenance gives natural corrosion resistance and non-stick. Slow braise or sear at high temp without concern for synthetic non-stick coatings.

Because ancient wisdom often still holds true: Fonte™ pans are advanced cookware engineering, but cast iron has been trusted for many centuries for its food safety and cooking ability.

Trust in the best of Aussie capability: Partnering with Australia’s best production foundry (strict materials control and world-class automation/quality/efficiency) for the new purpose of pro-level cookware, 100% MADE IN AUSTRALIA.

Don’t just buy a pan, invest in a family heirloom: Fonte™ pans are so tough they will no doubt be passed down through many generations. No need to state a warranty expiry: these solid one-piece iron pans will last for centuries. And of course we'll replace anything defective......no matter which century it was purchased in!

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