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Like cast iron, formed iron/steel has been well-known among experts for centuries. The famous French thick steel chef pans are used in all the best restaurants of the Western world because they heat so evenly, brown foods as well as cast iron, and for their ability to build a healthy, natural nonstick surface through seasoning. Chefs destroy synthetic coated pans within months. Formed-iron/steel cooks much the same as cast iron, but with less weight, so thus more manageable for chefs to swing around for long periods.

The engineers at SOLIDTEKNICS have always loved cooking with French steel pans, but wanted to find a way to finally eliminate the rivets holding the traditional skinny strip steel handles, and make a more comfortable and cooler handle for chefs. And make them 100% in Australia from clean Australian steel, and make them competitively.

There are no other production seamless one-piece steel chef pans. Nobody thought it was possible. Now the results speak for themselves.

All SOLIDITEKNICS cookware is compatible with all rangetop heat sources (being solid iron/steel, they are perfect for induction), safe for glass tops (seasoned iron is much softer than enamelled iron), oven-proof, and tough enough to take camping and use over open fire pits or in high-temp wood-fired ovens.

SOLIDTEKNICS pans are so tough, they come with a multi-century warranty, for multi-generation sustainability.

For the best advice on how to maintain your AUS-ION pans, check out our AUS-ION CARE AND SEASONING INSTRUCTIONS PAGE

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SolidTeknics AUS-ION Smooth Finish 18cm (7.08") Formed-iron Skillet, 3mm Australian Iron, Professional Grade Cookware - i118s
Regular: $103.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUS-ION Smooth Finish 26cm (10.24") Formed-iron Skillet, 3mm Australian Iron, Professional Grade Cookware - i126S
Regular: $168.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUS-ION Smooth Finish 30cm (11.8") Formed-iron Wok, 2mm Australian Iron, Professional Grade Cookware - i130W
Regular: $233.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUS-ION Smooth Finish 28cm (11.02") Formed-iron Sauteuse Bombée/Wok, 2mm Australian Iron, Professional Grade Cookware - i128w
Regular: $233.93
Sale Price:
SolidTeknics AUS-ION Smooth Finish 24cm (9.45") Formed-iron Crepe/Griddle Pan, 3mm Australian Iron, Professional Grade Cookware - i124c
Regular: $155.93
Sale Price:
Developed by food-loving mechanical engineer Mark J Henry, Australian-made AUS-ION™ low carbon steel pans have been acclaimed by Chef's far and wide for their World first innovations and superior performance. They are similar to the best French sheet iron/steel restaurant pans, only with significant improvements for greater performance:

1. Hygiene: Seamless construction means no rivets to loosen over time and no gaps under rivet heads to trap food.

2. Durability: Made from one thick piece of seamless iron (low carbon mild steel: very tough), with no welds or rivets to fail. AUS-ION™ pans come with a multi-century warranty against breakage from materials and manufacturing defects.

3. Comfort, control, reduced fatigue: Handle re-engineered for hard-working chefs to improve dynamics ('ergodynamics': motion and forces, not just static comfort). Long, wide and concave all the way through to the broad tail. Superior to regular plain narrow flat handles (uncomfortable and too narrow for rotational control) and round handles (statically comfortable but, more importantly in dynamics, extra hand strain to control rotation).

4. Cool handle: Strong aerated neck webbing design keeps end of handle usually cool enough to lift from hot stove with bare hand at end of handle. Simple thermodynamics: high surface area to metal volume ratio, for better heat dissipation than solid handles.

5. Hot pan: AUS-ION™ skillets are made from thick 3mm iron (low carbon steel) for even pan heating and heat retention. This is the same material and thickness as the best French commercial pans in use all around the world, so AUS-ION™ heats and cooks the same. Perfect even heating on induction, or any heat source.

6. Healthy and sustainable: All-natural pre-seasoning at factory for healthy low-stick that only improves with cooking. This vegetable oil-based seasoning is safe at high temperatures, and forever renewable, not disposable. Continue seasoning and maintaining just like any steel or iron pan. It's easy, and we provide instructions.

7. Time-saving straight out of the calico bag: No need to strip toxic factory oils and do your own pre-seasoning: we pre-season AUS-ION™ pans all over so chefs don't need to waste time with the traditional stripping of machine oil/beeswax/lacquer/etc and then hand-seasoning each new pan (not a good use of a chef's valuable time). We also season our handles instead of paint them so there is absolutely no question about paint fumes at high heat or deterioration over time.

8. Value: All the above performance benefits for a price that's competitive with the best French commercial pans, and less than many imported synthetic-coated pans that need disposal after a few years.

After all the research and development to combine all the above benefits in one pan, we believe very strongly, and with sound engineering basis, that we have developed the world's best iron/steel pans. And we make AUS-ION™ 100% in Australia, from 100% Australian steel, 100% proudly.

Here's a beautiful review of the AUS-ION™ cookware by Jeff Rogers, the Culinary Fanatic, a respected iron cooking expert in the USA.

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