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Casa Neuhaus

Casa Neuhaus

Casa Neuhaus

Casa Neuhaus ceramic knives are made of 8.5 Mohs strength Zirconia. Just so that you get the picture a diamond is grade 10 in the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Steel ranges from 7.5 to 8. Casa Neuhaus knives are 8.5 which means that our hard edge knives rarely need any sharpening.

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Casa Neuhaus 7" Chef's Knife - Black Ceramic Blade & Stainless Steel Handle - CN20147
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Stays sharp for years
The most important aspect of any blade is its edge and how sharp it is. Whereas stainless steel knives tend to lose some of their edge pretty quickly, ceramic knives keep an especially sharp edge for much longer. Zircon is the key material in ceramic blades because it makes them significantly harder than steel.

Itís crazy to think how something so light and thin can be so sharp and dangerous. Itís easy to not take a ceramic knife seriously because of its weight, but thatís what gives it an advantage over steel. With minimal weight, you wonít be burdened when doing mundane tasks like slicing cheese.

Steel blades have huge pores that allow dirt and grime to get ingrained in the material. Ceramic has tiny pores, so itís easier to clean and remove any dirt.

Rust comes about when iron alloys corrode in the presence of water and oxygen. Because ceramic blades lack any metal materials, it stays free of rust forever. Never having to worry about rust ruining your favorite knife is a relief any knife lover would revel in.

No chemical properties
If youíre using steel knives to cut your food, some of the chemical properties tend to give the food an odd metallic taste. That does not happen with ceramic knives because they donít have the same properties.

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